St. John, The US Virgin Island

For Christmas mom’s three boys decided that she’s due for a special treat, a Caribbean vacation! As my consulting contract just renewed I thought we can afford this. (Man, was I wrong……….!) 

The duties to get this done were divided equally amongst us: I have to do the research, book and participate in the trip and Stephan and Andreas would make sure that all the dogs and the house survived when mom and I were gone. 

After a lot of research we decided that St. John in the US Virgin Island was the place mom would enjoy the Caribbean the most. A large part of the Island is a National Park and compared to St. Thomas laid back, tranquil and of tremendous beauty. Also an Eco Resort, Maho Bay, was in the middle of the park. And on top of all that the Virgin Islands are still in the US, after our experience in Jamaica an important point. 

To make it a little easier for me, Maho Bay is a tent cabin resort, (Maho Bay Camps) I decided that the second half of the week we would stay in a more upscale facility. (Caneel Bay Resort

To make it a little more exciting for Sylvia on Christmas eve we only told here to be at the airport January 29, 8:25am with summer cloth and a new swimsuit and we gave her a book with travel reports of all the Caribbean islands 

That Saturday Stephan drove us to the Airport and at the gate she finally knew: It was St. John… 

But lets the pictures talk: 

At the airport, it was early and still tired, but now I know where we go....


On the boat to St. John


I was there too


There we are, the harbour of St. John


Wild donkeys are spread through out the island


The Islanders have a good sense of humor, but of course follow the protocol


Roads are so steep that you need 4WD when it is wet


The view and dinner was good


The view from the porch in the jungle


Delux camping!!!



I still fit in the bed, I'm so proud....


A crab in a snail shell on land? Weird creatures


Don't touch me, I snap


Early morning, quiet and beatiful


Maho Camp with the tent cabins


View from the sugar plantation


Volunteers cleaning vistas around the sugar plantation, Sylvia was there too....


Cane sugar mill, not the best part of the island's history, here the Danes were the exploiters



At least good bread was possible


Well this was quite different and even the BB was working again



This is a view too and nobody other than donkeys and deer walk in front of it


Dinner in Cruz Bay


The beach on the left side, nobody in sight........


and the beach on the right side and still (nearly) nobody in sight...


Pelikans are all over the place, good fishers....



We are missing the 3rd largest blizzard since recording in Chicago, we didn't miss it at all!!



If I would sit there a good setup for a Cialis ad!!


Only one is a cactus!


Nobody other....


than Sylvia....


enjoying the quiet afternoon under the palm trees


Corrective diving goggles, a brand new underwater view....


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